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About Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates

Nader Chadda, MD, FACC, FSCAI, specializes in vascular intervention at Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates, located in Hudson, Brooksville, and Land O’ Lakes, Florida, and has been serving the community since 2009. With a high case volume and continuously improving his knowledge by learning from world-renowned experts, Dr. Chadda has performed complex cases with outstanding results, with a 0% mortality and 0% emergency surgery record. His passion for his work and seeing patients benefit from those efforts drives him to become the best he can be. 

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❝I believe that we must put our best effort out every day every surgery & every patient❞

❝I believe that we must put our best effort out every day every surgery & every patient❞

Blog Articles

5 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Stroke

A stroke occurs when the supply of blood to part of the brain is blocked. It can have devastating consequences. Fortunately, you can do things right now to lower the chances of having a stroke.

What Can I Do About Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are a cosmetic nuisance that can strike anyone at any age. Fortunately, treatment options are available to immediately eliminate them and improve your vascular health in the process.

Different Types of Vascular Diseases

A network of blood vessels carries blood throughout all areas of your body. The health of these blood vessels plays an important role in your overall health. When you need vascular care, rely on a vascular specialist.

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