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How ClosureFast™ Can Eliminate Your Varicose Veins

How ClosureFast™ Can Eliminate Your Varicose Veins

Millions of people in the United States suffer from varicose veins, which are not only unsightly, but also can cause symptoms such as pain, aching, cramping, swelling, and itching. Until recently, the only treatment option for varicose veins was vein stripping, which, while helpful in some patients, is associated with discomfort, prolonged healing, and visible scars.

Fortunately, today's minimally invasive varicose vein treatment methods can help men and women reduce varicose veins and accompanying painful symptoms. Here at Advanced Heart & Vascular Associates, vein specialist Nader Chadda, MD, FACC, FSCA offers ClosureFast™, a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to get rid of varicose veins. 

What is ClosureFast?

ClosureFast uses RF energy to eliminate varicose veins or treat chronic venous insufficiency. Because leg valves cannot be repaired, the only option is to redirect blood flow from damaged veins to healthy ones.

The procedure involves inserting a catheter into the damaged vein through a minor incision below the knee. Guided by ultrasound imaging, Dr. Chadda will treat the problem veins. The catheter delivers steady and even heat, causing the collagen in the vein walls to contract and close. With the problem veins closed, the body reroutes blood to healthy veins, leaving you with smoother, healthier looking legs.

How effective is ClosureFast? 

ClosureFast is very effective at treating varicose veins. ClosureFast treatment is shown to result in significant closure rates and improvements up to 5 years after treatment. In a large multicenter research study, the ClosureFast technique was demonstrated to be 94.9 percent reflux-free after 5 years.

What’s more, ClosureFast results in reduced bruising and pain, as well as fewer complications compared with other varicose vein removal techniques

What distinguishes the ClosureFast process from vein stripping?

Stripping veins is a surgical approach. Dr. Chadda creates an incision in your groin and shuts off the vein before threading a stripper tool through the leg vein and pulling it out through a second incision just above your calf.

Post-procedure bruising and swelling are common, and there is a risk of damage to surrounding nerve tissue, which can cause numbness or burning.

ClosureFast is a minimally invasive technique. Unlike vein stripping, the vein is left in place and closed with a specific catheter introduced through a tiny incision below the knee.

Vein stripping is normally done in an operating room under general anesthesia, whereas the ClosureFast technique is done in an outpatient setting under local or regional anesthesia. 

What about laser ablation?

The ClosureFast treatment employs radiofrequency energy to deliver consistent and controlled heat to the vein walls, forcing them to collapse and shut. Blood flow is rerouted to healthy veins once a leg vein is occluded.

In laser ablation, laser heat is used to collapse and seal problem veins. The laser heats the blood in the vein, causing a steam bubble to form inside the vein. As a result, the vein ruptures and collapses.

In contrast to the ClosureFast technique, laser ablation tends to result in more bruising and post-procedure pain.

How long does ClosureFast take?

ClosureFast takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Due to standard pre- and post-treatment procedures, most patients can expect to spend two to three hours at our office. 

Many patients return to normal activities quickly, usually within a few days. Dr. Chadda may advise you to walk often for a few weeks after the treatment to ensure good and steady blood flow. Most patients see a significant difference within one to two weeks of the surgery.

Is ClosureFast safe?

The ClosureFast treatment, like any medical intervention, has potential risks. However, ClosureFast is safe and effective, and carries a low risk for complications. Bruising and swelling are minimal.

Getting rid of varicose veins has never been easier or more convenient, and doing so improves your vascular health. To get started, call our team to secure a visit with Dr. Chadda at the office nearest you. We have offices in Hudson, Brooksville, and Land O’ Lakes, Florida, and offer in-person and telehealth appointments. Another option is to request an appointment here on our website.

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